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11th Annual General Meeting

11th AGM


As poverty is the main development challenge for the overall development of Nepal and microfinance is becoming globally an effective tool for poverty reduction there is tremendous scope of microfinance services in Nepal, rural areas in particular. Nepal being a least developed country  has abundant scope of micro finance services that will help in generating income of  people  below in the poverty line. Nepal, since 1974, has been undertaking different micro financing models to cater the credit need of the rural poor thereby involving them in income generation. Apart from this, the existing micro finance services are mostly concentrated their

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Message From Chairman

Dr. Purushottam Shrestha

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Reaching out to encouraging poor people of the Central and Eastern Regions through microfinance services including special support package (Solar Home System, Biogas and Irrigation, etc.) and making them financially empowered.

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Vision:  To become a sustainable and leading commercial microfinance institution in Nepal.

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Objectives of the NNLB are: To provide all kinds of sustainable microfinance services to its clients of the operational areas of the bank To help develop banking and savings habit amongst rural people, generate savings and mobilize for its best utilization. To provide alternative financial services to its clients such as remittance services and insurance

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Our Services


Saving provides a financial “backstop” for life's uncertainties and increases feelings of security and peace of mind.


Loan and credit provide various options for consumers and businesses to better manage their financial situation.


Service which provides a way to transfer money from any countries to your own beloved ones in your home country.


Election schedule 

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11th AGM Notice

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  • 31 May 2019

नयाँ नेपाल लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्था लि. धुलिखेल  काभ्रेपलाञ्चोकले मिति  मिति २०७६ जेष्ठ १६ र १७ गतेका दिन आगामी आ.ब.२०७६/७७ को कार्यक्रम तथा बजेट तर्जुमा रणनीति

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  • 14 January 2019

Naya Nepal Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd successfully completed its 10th Annual General Meeting.

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  • 11 January 2018

Naya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikash Bank Ltd successfully completed its 9th Annual General Meeting. The AGM declared  20 % bonus share and right share 1:2.5 ratio to its

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